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12 Feb 2018

Student Preferences are back…

Great work to all those students who checked their emails, got their codes and entered their preferences online and on time! The task of allocating students to camps now begins, with students hearing the ... Continue reading

27 Jan 2018

SOW 2018 programs are released!

The 2018 programs for SOW have been released on the website. Have a look under programs for the list of programs for 2018, including some amazing new programs as well as many of the ... Continue reading

1 Jan 2018

SOW 2018 coming soon!

SOW 2018 planning is well underway and you should be looking forward to some great new programs and many of the popular programs offered in previous years! Keep an eye out for an update ... Continue reading

General Info

SOW 2018 planning is well under way!

SOW 2018 is under way!

Planning for SOW 2018 is well under way. We have completed SOW 2017, including reviewing all the student and staff feedback. We have completed the process of developing new programs and tweaking the ones we want to keep from the past. All new updates will be posted here.

Review the blog...

Review the blog for SOW 2017

SOW 2017 had a number of updates to the blog after the event (as some programs didn’t have access to the Internet). So check out each of the programs to see what happened and to help you get excited about programs for next year.

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