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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 1 Blogs

A Team – Day 1 of the adventure

There was a whopper gatho at the tennis courts near Gordon with our hard hats in hand and fluorescent vest n things prepped. Hopped on the train to Wynyard though we almost made a wreck a things when we were unfamiliarised with the city. Finally we made it to the peak of the hill and to have a little looky for the first clue. With our navigate-o our direction was a bit wonky but we made it to the little metal stairs near the orange window. Extra points were earned by solving some good Ol’ riddles. We ducked into an alley to find the answers from the nurse walk and then made our way to sticky – the lolly shop. We performed a banger of a tune to get our next clue in the form of lollies. Burning the rubber of our shoes with our walking, we made our way toward the international passengers terminal to find a qr code. At this point we were hungry enough to eat a kangaroo and stopped to get Mexican. Near the museum our eyes were peeled walking up and down the street, we even took the opportunity to take some selfies with the public. We eventually had to chuck a uie back to the museum to find the impossible to find clue. We went over to the state library with the lollies as our guide we found the locker. Our transport manages managed to find us a bus to the dance studio where we busted a move. With sweat, tears and sass were able to defeat the opponent in the mega dance battle – to Bruno mars. Our victory was legen-dary and we then gave our teacher a chai latte in the form of a Cinderella esque display.  Finding strength through our triumph, we made it to the hostel to set up camp and hunt around for dinner.

– the tradies of the A team

A Team – Day 2 of the adventure

We woke up really early to have a glimpse of the sunrise over the harbour bridge and opera house. It was really cold but the view was great. After packing up all our stuff, made our way down to a brekkie of toast and cereal to fuel us for the day. Hopping on a bus, we went to The Big Kitchen where we spent the morning chopping veggies like carrots, capsicum, zucchini and lots of potatoes. We were given dough that was twisted into shapes like braids, snakes, a rose and other beautiful masterpieces. This food was delivered to a nearby shelter that takes care of people who are in crisis as well as all around Sydney. Our next challenge involved bartering for seafood. We got a good deal that bought us a whopper load of food. We got potatoe scallops, calamari, lots of chips and fish.  The seagulls appreciated our visit and many people were attacked. During this adventure in Bondi, we were completing a scavenger hunt that involved finding things like a red convertible or a 50cent coin. “The cash cow was a sick cow,” says Elena as she noted our meeting with the famous cow. To the icebergs we went to synchronise swim – well the 4 of us. Freezing to the tune of YMCA, we splashed and turned and tried our best.  We then took a bus to The Gap where we had a great group photo. After completing some more of the scavenger hunt, we ran to make the ferry. With creative cousines in mind, we ducked into Coles to buy ingredients for our dinner. We had to turn around a find a Woolworths for the final ingredients and took a bus to the hostel. The menu being an entree impossible to pronounce, butter chicken and a peppermint result that will be controversial to the critics.

G, Day,

– the tradies of the A team

A Team – Day 3 of the adventure


We started the day by heading down to breakfast with myself having some milo, toast and cereal. After fetching the boys who were late for breakfast, we were on our way to the dragon boat races. We decided to take a mode of transport that we hadn’t done before – the light rail. Most of us didn’t even know that Sydney had a functioning light rail. On the rail, a few of us tried to be courteous by giving up our seats which earned a gold coin from miss McCarthy. We arrived at peaumont wharf to see that there were 3 other group that we were to verse. Dragging the boats to the ramp and got suited up with a life vest and a paddle, we were sorted into pairs and ready to start. Although we had power, we lacked timing while our technique was okay. Most of us got wet and our hands have begun to callous but we tried our best. Coming third overall, for our efforts we were able to get the next clue. Our next stop was to the iga to get ingredients for our wraps. As we wait for the ferry, a wrap about our wraps is being put together and filmed. Arriving at Cockatoo island we had a great lunch of wraps that had chicken, avocado, spinach, cheese and other things. We went geocaching and were able to find 3 of the objects. With our clues in hand, we took a ferry then a train to Darling harbour where we played at the playground for like 20 mins. We then rushed off to our bed and breakfast, late, put our clues together to find that our prize was pizza dinner. We ate as much as we could with the all you can eat and are ready for bowling.


– the tradies of the A team

The A team – Day 4 of the adventure

The beds for the night were creaky and the blankets scratchy; my cabin woke from the sound of jasmine jumping from the top of the bunk. Breakfast was nice and we were able to get ready quickly to head out for the challenges with the zones. We first went to Darling harbour where we played in the park for too long, took selfies with strangers, looked for a kiosk and charged our phone with a seat bike. Hyde park was our next destination so we went to a few artworks that were memorials, walked past a bunch of different catholic schools at the cathedral and played chess with some people being the chess pieces like the trio in the first Harry Potter movie – the philosophers stone. We then had a break that had frisbee throwing, dog petting and resting. We decided to grab the ingredients of our picnic at the biggest Woolworths we could find. Pies, chocolate milk, chocolate, cake and chips on the menu, we found a nice spot that looked at the harbour to eat our lunch. Miss McCarthy got her awaited iced chocolate and we stared to head home.


*Favourite moments*

Annie: playing the park with the big swing

Brooklyn: hanging out with friends

Has: going on the ferry at night time

Liam: dragon boat racing

Chelsea: winning the dance off

Elena: watching the sun rise the first morning

Olly: bowling

Jakob: sunrise over the harbour

Zac Te: the bowling night

Hudson: first ferry ride

Zac Th: going bowling

Steph: getting dinner and walking around the city the first night


To conclude, the A team was able to work hard toward challenges, go from seperate to working as a team  and having a good time at Urban Challenge. We have all been pushed from our comfort zones, tried new things and learnt lessons.


  • the tradies of the A team