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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 2 Blogs

Day 1

Day 1

We started the day at a peaceful park,waiting for our family all to come so we could start this adventure,The weather was chilly but we were excited for what’s to come. One of urban challenge guides introduced us to the day and showed us where to start. We all greeted our urban challenge guide, she was bubbly and alive.she lifted our moods as we where all half asleep. Our first clue was to get on the first train from Gordon to Circular Quay with a stop in the middle being Wynyard. We crammed onto the train being quite and respectful to the people on board.we changed well to the next train to assure that we got to the right place.happy that we made it all to the place,we continued on to the OPT as we made our way down we practiced the song we were guided to create. We completed the second challenge with flying colours as we headed to the nurse walk where we were directed to the sticky which is where we were Challenged to sing the song we had been practicing, the lollie man loved our catchy song and presented us with the challenge ahead as well as a sweet surprise of hard candy for us to enjoy as we continued on. We ventured to the opera house to see if we could fine our next hint, we got a little confused but found our way back soon.before continuing to the next challenge we decided to stop for lunch as we were all very hangry ( angry&hungry), some people got sushi, some got Max Amex, some does had a simple salad. After having a satisfying lunch we headed off in the direction of public transport to go get our grove on. Our next challenge was to do a dance ballet to fight off another team, the experience of the dance battle was ,y best challenge so far and o could speak for everyone. We unfortunately came second but the experience and routine will not be lost! After we headed to our hostel and settle into our rooms,before going  for a nice dinner in China town. First day very successfully, can’t wait for tomorrow. Team scrunch out xx

Day 2

We woke up to a beautiful Sydney sunrise on the roof of our hostel,our urban guided had told us that you won’t get that view anywhere else …and she was very right. Looking over our magnificent city was a wonderful way to start the second urban day. After seeing that view we headed down to our rooms to get dressed. When we were changed into appropriate clothing we made our way to the breakfast hall where we had a choose of fresh soft bread ether toasted or not as well as three types of cereal and so yummy juice or tea to accompany it. When everyone was fuelled and ready we headed out into the city to receive ur first activity for the day, we were directed to hop on a train and bus to head to flood street where a organisation call big kitchen. the kitchens purpose was to help people in need like the homeless and starving. They prepare warm freshly cooked meals that get sent all around Sydney. These meals may not sound like a lot to us but to people in need these warm meals determine if they eat that day or not. As we got to know what this organisation was doing through a short, emotion packed video they prepared the vegetables we were going to be chopping and pealing. We finished the video, washed and sanitized our hand,put a hair net on as well as an apron and got started. First we were going to prepare a vegetable stew that included fresh veg like sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, potatoes,onion and capsicum, after that they chef mixed it all together in a very large top as we were aiming to prepare and box 250. After we watched the process we had a morning tea break of fruit and some sweet cookies.we then moved on to kneading and rolling out dough to make into scrolls for the chefs to bake. As we waited for the beard to bake we had a little talk about how homeless people are seen and mostly why they are homeless, it was a real eye opener to talk about something we usually don’t mention and just ignore, I for sure can say that I see theses homeless people more like just the women said on one China’s chosen to be homeless they are homeless because of many unfortunate events. When the bread was ready to be taken out of the oven we boxing the stew and rice and put the scrolls in some paper bags. We then walked across the road where a homeless shelter was. We got to go inside and place the warm meals to the homeless but sadly didn’t get to meet any nor talk to them. This was my highlight as i felt good doing something good for the people who need it most. Our next activity was to head to Bondi beach to do some swimming but not any swimming we were going to synchronised swimming at the icebergs. The routine was very cute as we all worked together and ended up winning as the other team was to shy to participate.Team scrunch out xx

Day 3

As our alam goes off for 6:50 we are already up and starting to get ready for our break fast down stairs which is being served at 7:30. We get comfy clothes on and head down to the break room in the hostel. The break was the same as the last but we were happy cause it’s yummy as always. As we finished up breakfast we started planning for when we should leave this hostel to start day 3 of the Urban Challenge.We decided to aim to leave at 8:15 and 8:30 would be our latest. We all went back up to our rooms to pack up our bags and get our sheets to bring them down to the sheet din. When all the teams were ready and out the found we did our daily count down and headed in the direction of the station to start our first “mission”. The urban guided presented us with tubes that contained bits of paper but the trick was we had to get all the tubes for each piece of paper to make sense. So she gave us the first one and we continued on. Our first activity was dragon boast racing, this was everyone’s highlight of the day, we learned how to successfully row a dragon boat as well as some interesting facts about how dragon boating became a sport all around the world, as we prepared to go out onto the river we were set places in the boat that sat 20. Each roll had an important roll and we filled them very well, we even ended up winning one of the races for distance which was really rewarding and showed our team that we had very strong team working skills. We did many other challenging events but sadly didn’t win. When we came back we helped with packing up the boasts then headed to colse to buy ingredients for our make it yourself lunch. We ended up buying already cooked chicken, lettuce and beard rolls. Which were very filling and a great lunch choice.Our next activity was getting a ferry to Cockatoo Island to find the missing tubes from early in the morning. The ferry ride was a fun way to get to the island and very relaxing to watch our beautiful city go by.when we arrived we headed to a grassy place to talk about how we would find the tubes best. We ended up just adventuring around the island and successfully finding the rest of the tubes. When we had figured out what they all mean we hoped back on a ferry and headed back to the city as we needed to work out where we were sleeping, but lucky the tubes gave us hints as to where we would be for the night. We walked for about 30 minuets stopping and starting at places we would like to see. When me finally located our hostel at the wall brokers we put our bags down and headed straight out again for an all you can eat dinner of pizza and soft drinks. The piazza was lovely and we made sure to thank them on our way out.our activity before bed an excellent round of bowling.after Dowling we strolled back to our rooms anggot ready for bed knowing that this was our last time we all went into one rooms mfor and talked about the memories we had made these pass couple days that we had been on this amazing camp. As the night went on we got ready for bedtime and all slowly made our way back to our rooms for the night. Today was a really memorable day and one we won’t forget for all the right reasons. Talk tomorrow. Team scrunch out xx

Day 4

Today is the last day of urban challenge,as usual we woke up at 6:50 and started to put our clothing on to head down to the break fast room. When we got down we were greeted by our guides and they showed us what was for breakfast today. We all got our usual breakfast and talked all together about the day we had ahead.when everyone had finished we headed up to pack and leave the last hostel for urban Challenge. We did count down and started the day ready to finished off with a high note.our first activity was quite chill, we had to go to different places in the city where challenge had been put and each challenge we did had a time limit of just an hour. Each challenge was different and quite fun to. As we were doing those we were also completing riddles and extra challenges to gain more points. We had a fun break at a big park in the middle of the city which was called Hyde Park and it was nice as we were quite tried and needed a break. After the park we headed to Circular Quay to go buy food for our picnic that we were asked to have as our last thing to do before we got on the train back to Gordon. We brought a truck load of food and all gathered on the grass to spend our last time together. As we ate lunch we talked about memories we created on this camp. We all loved this camp and didn’t regret anything we had done. It made us stronger as a group, it was a good bonding time. Thank you so much to the people that made this possible to us, we really appreciated everything. Team scrunch out xx