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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 3 Blogs

Day 1 Blog

Today, Team 3 faced many challenges as they roamed across the streets of Sydney.

First, they engaged in a heated dance battle with Team 4, which they won.

Then, it was off to play a game of handball, followed by an adventure that took them from the Sydney Museum to a candy store near George Street. Finally, after a long day of trekking through the CBD, the weary travellers settled into their rooms at the YHA.

Day 2

To start the journey today,  Team 3 rose early at the YHA. They purchased coffee for their teachers for a few extra points.

Team 3 first ventured to Rose Bay, where a design challenge was faced. The challenge proved to be difficult, however eventually the group worked together in order to complete it.

After this, a trip to Bondi saw the team performing a synchronised swimming routine at the Icebergs.

After all of this swimming, the group had worked up an appetite. A lunch challenge told the students to get seafood, so they dined on fish and chips whilst scaring away the seagulls.

Our next clue was to mail a letter to our principal, and then it was off to Our Big Kitchen, a charity organisation dedicated to providing the homeless with free meals.

The team diced, sliced and chopped their way through a hefty amount of vegetables which went into a fried rice dish.

The team ended the night by reaching their hostel, Woolbrokers in Pyrmont.

Day 3

The previous night saw the team bowling against Team 4, which Team 3 unfortunately lost by a substantial amount. This followed an all you can eat pizza dinner in Darling Harbour.

This morning, after receiving their first clue, the group engaged in dragon boat racing in Blackwattle Bay. Four teams were involved in the races.

The students faced various challenges, including a four minute time trial, a distance race and a final race to the finishing line.

After this event,  a clue brought them to Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, in which they swam a 400 metre relay collectively.

Lunch was wrap/rap themed. The members made delicious chicken wraps and beat on their tunes to a rap written by Richie.

Five clues later and the team discovered that they were to stay at Cockatoo Island. A short ferry ride later and they were set up in their respective tents, ready to settle into their Masterchef challenge.

The team is set to prepare a three course dinner; entree, main and dessert.

Team 3 is cooking against Team 4, with their dishes being judged by four teachers.

Day 4


The team awoke on Cockatoo Island to a glorious sunrise. The group caught a ferry to Circular Quay, where they received bacon and egg rolls or fruit and yoghurt for breakfast.

They were given clues to solve in various regions of the city within an hour. Team 3 chose The Rocks, and created an art piece which was gawked upon by onlookers.

A few clues later, they had made their way to a food court for lunch. The students were required to have a picnic lunch, however dined on various cuisines.

They then walked to Wynyard station and prepared to leave for Gordon station.