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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 4 Blogs

Urban Challenge Day 1

Today was our first day of the Urban Challenge. We first met at Gordon station after an early start. After completing some challenges from the Game master we headed into the city. In the city we completed various challenges that included dancing, exercises all while looking for clues. We headed into Circular Quay for lunch and decided on sushi for the group. After lunch we continued on our journey finding more clues and completing more challenges. After a quick stop at the lolly shop, giving a great performance of sweet Caroline we headed into the depths of the rocks. We explored the past and ended up at our destination, arriving first out of all the teams.

Overall it was a great first day of the Challenge and we are all looking forward to dinner and day 2.

Urban challenge day 2

Urban challenge day 2

Today we headed on our eastern adventure. After an early start we headed towards Watson bay. We completed some activities from our scavenger hunt before beginning our 1st challenge. We completed the activity after a clever design from the team and headed to Bondi?. In Bondi we met the team of lifesavers including some signatures. Afterwards we headed to our water challenge, synchronised swimming. We finished our routine in the water and got lunch. After some quick thinking from our treasurer, caterer and team leader we ended up with a feast of seafood, chips and salads.

After lunch we headed into the main points of Bondi collecting some souvenirs for our teacher to wear. After cooking some bread rolls and fried rice with “cook for good” we received our final destination ” Woolbrokers”. After some transportation difficulty? in Bondi Junction we made it to Peirmont.

Although everyone was a bit tired from day 1 day 2 was just as good, if not better. We are all looking forward to dinner, a good nights rest and day 2.

Urban Challenge Day 3

Night 2 day 3

After an excellent pizza dinner we headed to bowling. After a fantastic effort from the team we smashed by over 100 points, with our best bowler, Joel taking home a bowling pin for his 151. We headed back to the cabin and had a great sleep.

After our sleep we woke to a breakfast at 7:30. We then moved on to our first activity of the day, dragon boat racing. We then challenged 3 other teams to a few events, we were ready to win. The first event was a team distance challenge, each team does a certain amount of strokes and tries to get the furthest. We ever so narrowly lost out by less then 10 metres before moving on the the next event. Our second event was a 4 min endurance race. We cleaned the competition beating them by over 20 metres. After having come second and first we were willing to win the final sprint. All teams lined up and with the whistle being blown we were off, working perfectly together and winning the race. We received our second puzzle piece and went for lunch.

Lunch was a lovely chicken, avocado, aioli wrap with chocolate milk, one of the best lunches we have had. After completing our musical performance we received our 3rd puzzle piece and headed to the aquatic centre.

We arrived at the aquatic centre and swam our 400 metre relay. Everyone put in a fantastic effort to complete it as quickly as we could. We then received our 5th piece and headed to an amazing building with mirrors covering it. After answering the question giving to us by staff we had all the pieces we needed to complete the puzzle.

We headed through Darling Harbour across to Pyrmont park, where we found the urban challenge car to receive the package. We entered the code and found our destination for tonight was Cockatoo Island. Before we went to the island we had to get our supplies for he Masterchef dinner challenge. We headed back to Darling Harbour and caught a ferry to the island.

Overall Day 3 was one of he best we have had this entire camp. We are allying looking to prove our skills in he Masterchef challenge tonight and a good nights rest.

Final day

Today is our final day on the urban challenge. We awoke to birds on Cockatoo island before heading to the rocks for breakfast. After breakfast we explored the rocks ancient history and made discoveries we didn’t know. We then headed to Wynyard for lunch and put together an amazing feast. We are now boarding the train to Gordon and our journey will end.

Overall the urban challenge has been extremely fun for all members of my team. We all got to know each other very well and have made new friends in the city. Huge thanks to everyone involved in creating the experience, we all enjoyed it very much. I would highly recommended the challenge for anyone else.