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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 5 Blogs

Team Blog: Day One

Day 1:

After a quick gathering in the park opposite Gordon station, a chance to brief about the day, Team 5 hopped on an train and headed for Darling Harbour. We spent the day completing ‘City Discovery’, a challenge where we spent an hour in different zones of Sydney, solving riddles, running all over the place and completing challenges, including finding places, taking photos and putting together clues. We had a debrief in Max Brenner’s and then completed the Masterchef challenge, cooking a three course meal for ourselves and three judges.

We were all very tired and covered in blisters from walking!

Urban Challenge: Day Two

Today was a very different challenge. Team 5 woke up in the YHA Darling Harbour snd had a continental breakfast before briefing for the day and heading out. We first went dragon boat racing! Our team is the smallest of them all so we had a bit of a disadvantage against the other 3 teams we were racing, but it was a lot of fun. We didn’t get too wet except for a few of us who were splashed by the paddlers  in front of us! Then we bought some lunch and headed to cockatoo island on the ferry. We made a BBQ lunch and then versed another team in a hacky sack challenge, before running off to find some geocaches on the island. After this, we put together a series of puzzle pieces we collected after challenge and found our final location. Once we worked out the clues and got to our destination (in the Rocks) we were directed to our beds for the night, at the Rocks YHA (the most expensive and nicest YHA in australia!). We finished the challenge first!! We had some time to chill before heading out for the final challenge, bargaining on a budget for our dinner at a restaurant in Chinatown, which was delicious. Needless to say, we had a fantastic day and were exhausted once again.

Urban Challenge: Day Three

Today was again a different day for Team 5, as we had no idea what was happening next until we completed the challenge we were doing. We started off the day with breakfast in the YHA, had a team meeting and made our way to Bondi on the bus, stopping for coffee along the way. When we got to Bondi we met the people from ‘Kids Giving Back’ and ‘Our Big Kitchen’ who cater for the homeless of Sydney. We spent an hour or so chopping vegetables for them and making bread rolls. We ended up making 380 meals. Next we headed for Bondi Beach and had our ‘Seafood and Salad’ budget lunch challenge. We had a huge spread and even had some left over. Next we walked to Bondi Icebergs, the pools at the end of the beach and performed a synchronised swimming routine for our judge (our team got creative and managed not to get in the water). The next challenge was to write a postcard to our principal, Mr Linfoot, telling him our highlights of the week so far. To finish off the day challenges we played ultimate frisbee against team 6 in the park at Watsons Bay. Finally, we spent the evening at an All-you-can-eat pizza and bowling in Pyrmont.

Today was heaps of fun, we earned so many points and even had a little less walking to do

Urban Challenge: Day Four

Final day!! We woke up in the Woolbrokers Hotel in Darling Harbour, had a quick breakfast and got started with the day. We were doing a clue chase around Sydney, and so we received our first clue, which took us to the Goods Line, where we played Ping Pong. Next we went to UTS business school, did some research on the architecture of the building and then received our next clue from the reception desk in UTS. We then completed a bonus challenge that involved handing out a bouquet of flowers to some people on the street. Next, we headed to a dance school in Redfern and had a dance battle against team 6, to the delight of some and disappointment of others. Then we headed to Macquarie place to complete a challenge, and then a lunch challenge involving international foods, so we had gozleme. Finally, 3 more challenges and then we headed back to Gordon station to go home! We had a really great week.