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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 6 Blogs

Journal: Day 1

Day 1:

The family adventure has begun. The train ride into Wynyard was more then a little bit cramped. We have already lost Dunphy twice now, but as it turns out it was all a test to see if we were watching out for each other. We have explored areas on our trip such asĀ  the historical big dig, the advancement in science observatory and the exciting custom ‘s house with nice art to greet you. By this time we were all pretty hungry and needed sustenance. We bought sandwiches to eat. We decided the best spot for us tourists to eat was in Hyde Park, this however turned into an exciting moment for the family as Ibis birds stole our food. Then a man approached us complaining that we kicked a bird, we laughed at him and he decided it was better to leave. Its not often you are given the chance to both be emotionally fulfilled but also feel like you have made a difference in making someone’s day feel a little better. Walking down the street our eyes are trained to “skip over” the people who are really in need. Society teaches us to turn a blind eye but when taking the time to meet someone as incredible as “sally” (not real name) we learn to recognise the struggles of life and the experiences that some people who are not as fortunate as us fall into . From, not being able to use Centrelink because she could not even fill out a place of residents to being physically attacked this experience made us feel more in touch of the sometimes bleak reality we succumb to. The family had lots of fun at Timezone where we participated in activities such as racing and punching bags. Now while I’m writing this the family is safe and sound in the local Youth Hostel looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Journal: Day 2

Day 2:

The family trip has taken a new turn onto the ocean. Everyone was very excited to sail the dragon boats across the waves. That was until we all realised how tiresome, wet and cold it was. Our family came second in the race against the other teams. Everyone was tired but happy that it was over. For the rest of the day we had to perform in a family scavenger hunt. It took us to Cockatoo Island where we had to search the island for clues to find the prize. In the middle of the hunt we had a good Ol family barbecue. However the day was about to turn bitter. A rival family seemed unhappy in our ways and challenged us to a rap battle. We accepted and as the great family we are, we crushed them. Even though they were beaten they wanted revenge, so they challenged us to a different battle. The battle was to throw beanbags into wooden holes and whoever landed the most shots would win. It was a tough fight but in the end unfortunately they beat us by one singular point. Feeling defeated we decided to continue with the scavenger hunt. We discovered a clue that took us back into the city to try and find the mysterious, Millennial Bug. In the city we discovered the last clue which took us to the Youth Hostel we were staying at for the night. As it turns out the Millennial Bug was a box contains $200 and 2000 points (lucky us). We plan to go out to China town for dinner. We are all safe and happy at the end of day 2.

Journal: Day 3

Day 3:

Today the family had to perform in another scavenger hunt while at the same time performing in various challenges. The family all helped the homeless today by preparing meals for them. We sliced and diced vegetables into a soup and folded pastry into various shapes. We packaged the food and gave it to the poor who were very happy. Next we went to eat fish and chips at a great price. We had to swim at a place called the icebergs that were about as cold as they sound. We versed the family from yesterday in a game of ultimate frisbee and won. Tonight we are eating pizza and bowling, it’s going to be fun.

Journal: 4

Day 4:

Our family trip has come to it’s final day. We all woke up early ready for the day. The family was challenged once again by the rival family, this time to a dance battle. With the help of a real dance instructor we perfected our routine. When the battle came we danced so well that they literally turned to dust. With our rivals finally defeated we celebrated with more challenges. Which meant even more walking on our aching feet. (Seriously, do you guys know what a break is?) We had to search for hidden clues and solve them. With end in sight we finally decided to sit down and eat. We got Mad Mex and filled our stomachs. As finished our challenges we get to relax while the other families have to finish their remaining challenges. This has been a great experience for me and my family as we learn more about Sydney. Thank you Daddy Dunphy for looking after us.