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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 7 Blogs

Team 7 Day 1

Day 1:

To begin the camp, we started off at Gordon sports field where we met with our group and once we donned our hi-vis jackets (part of our ‘tradie’ theme) and, after buying Mr. Bessant a coffee for some extra points, we jumped on the next train to the city. Our first task was to explore darling harbour and complete various challenges around the area. For the first challenge, we charged our team phone with exercise bikes. For the next, we completed some extreme workouts on some outdoor gym equipment. For the third we bought Layton a coffee. For the fourth challenge we took a photo in front of the ship Endeavour and for the last we took photos with five different cultures of people crossing over a pedestrian bridge. After all that was done we caught a train to the rocks and had a picnic lunch in a courtyard.

The next section was in the rocks, to begin with we created an art sculpture (a pyramid) out of our hiking packs. We tried to get some people to look at our artwork to complete the challenge but we couldn’t find anyone interested in time! We moved on to the next challenge, finding out about an old gang in the Suez Canal. We drew a picture of the uniforms this gang wore (very strange high heeled shoes and massive hats) and then moved on to the next challenge. We went to the site of the big dig and captured a picture of some of the artwork surrounding the site, going into detail on the symbolism of said artwork. For our fourth challenge we went to the observatory on the hill and used a decoder to solve what the flags on the mast were saying. Then for the last challenge we went to customs house and studied a map on the floor – learning about Dawes Point in the process.

Then we caught a light rail back to our hostel room.

Team 7, Day 2

To begin with we woke up and had a delicious breakfast at our hostel – then we walked down to number 1 bank street off pyrmont road. We then proceeded to go for an amazing session of dragon boating – for the next hour we practiced technique and teamwork out on the oversized canoes (dragon boats) and then we did a series of challenges – one for who could go the furthest distance in the same amount of strokes, one for who could paddle the furthest in under a certain time, and a good old fashioned race. We won all three out of the four teams that were there. Then we made our way to a nearby park and made wraps for lunch, we were also required to write and perform a rap about our wraps and how we made them. Next we walked to the aquatic centre and participated in a 50m swimming relay. Our final task was to walk to the UTS business centre and learn about the designer of the building. On our way there we were stopped by a group who offered us free tacos in return for likes on Facebook, and they were pretty delicious!

Throughout each of the tasks we obtained special clues for completing them. After obtaining all five clues we assembled them and discovered a hidden message leading us to our hostel, along with a secret code word to give to the receptionist. After giving the code word to the receptionist we received our dinner money and room keys.

Now we are about to go to Chinatown for a dinner challenge.

Team 7, Day 3

Day 3:

To begin the day we gave Mr Bessant a coffee. Our first task was to travel to Watson’s bay by ferry to make a sandcastle/sand structure that could carry a tennis ball five metres. We took some scenic photographs at a nearby lookout and then we walked to the Icebergs pools where our challenge was to do synchronised swimming for one minute. We proceeded to go to Bondi to bargain with a certain amount of money for a seafood lunch. We bargained $90 for a massive amount of fish and chips, and ate on the grass in front of Bondi Beach.

Our next challenge was to buy some dorky accessories for Mr. Bessant to wear to our upcoming masterchef dinner. On the way we took a couple selfies with peoples’ dogs for some bonus points, and proceeded to meet up with another group for our next challenges. This involved the ‘Kids Giving Back’ charity where we made and packaged meals for the homeless. In total we cooked and packaged roughly 176 meals and we got to make pastries afterwards for ourselves. After all that we learnt about the Masterchef challenge and what it involved, and we split in to groups to determine what meals each person should be working on. As I write this we are on our way back to our next hostel – which we have not seen yet – where we will unpack our bags and then proceed to begin the master-chef challenge.

As of arriving at our hostel – our plan is to cook spring rolls for entree, spag bol for main and meringue for dessert. I will make sure to include the details of the competition results at the start of tomorrow’s blog.

Team 7, Day 4

Day 4:

We won the Masterchef challenge yesterday! We cooked spring rolls for entree, pasta bol for main and ice cream and meringue for dessert. We got a 2/3 win, with only our main Being beaten by the other teams burgers.

Today we began by having breakfast and walked to the nearby dance studio where we had an intense dance off with team 8, which we won by a huge margin. Afterwards we went through nurses walk in the rocks where we found a clue telling us to go to a nearby candy store. There we sung an impromptu song about our team name ‘Team Donus’ and received another clue and some free candy. After that we headed to the QPT cruise departure centre and found a clue on the lookout at the top of the area. Afterwards we headed to the food court and got some foreign cuisine (sushi, Mexican, maccas and pho). Then we headed past the museum of contemporary art and around an art gallery further down the road where we found the final clue in a filled in tunnel to take us to the finish line. Now we are sitting at our final destination, about to head to the train station to finally come back home!