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28 May 2018

Urban Challenge 2018 – Team 8 Blogs

Day 1 – Team 8

We participated in 10 activities today.

In Darling Harbour we faced many challenges, such as singing happy birthday to an eighty year old, trying to find the maritime museum and buying MacDonalds for 12.

We then moved to Circular key where we visited the big dig, tried to find some flags at the observatory and participated in the making of art at the contemporary art museum.

We apparently walked 9km and are all alive so far.

Day 2

We started our second day on urban challenge with a continental breakfast at 7:30 in the morning in the woolbroker bed and breakfast, our team gives a collective rating of 7/10, as we were leaving we received our first clue of 5. We then made our way off to 1 bank street in which we met with four coaches who taught us the ways of dragon boating. After an hours training we came together and competed in three different challenge, we came 4th, 4th and 2nd respectively, and were given our second clue. Once we heaved the 250kg boats up onto the shore, we caught a quick ride on the light rail to the Ian Thorpe aquatic centre where we swam a 400 metre relay and were awarded our third clue.

After a leisurely float in the pool we made our way to UTS building 8 where we learned about the history of the university. The receptionist gave us our fourth clue. From uts we walked to Woolworths where we bought ingredients for lunch. We walked from Woolworths to a park next to central to eat our lunch, but not before we made a rap about the ingredients, which gave us our fourth clue. After lunch we combined all the clues we found that we needed to get to Macquarie place park. From their we found our final clue and made our way to Sydney harbour youth hostel where we are right now

Day 3

Our 3rd day on the urban challenge we started with a great continental breakfast in the Sydney harbour yha. The team gave it a collective rating of 9/10. After this we received our first of many challenges for the day, to buy our teacher a coffee, challenging I know but we managed it. From here we were giving a brief outline of our day, to make our way to milsons point and build a sandcastle that could transport a tennis ball a total of 5 metres from its starting point and back. We hit our first hurdle when we tried to catch a ferry to milsons, the next one arrived in 70 minutes. Luckily our transport manager was on the job and got us a ferry to rose bay and then a bus to milsons.

After arriving at milsons and completing our challenge, the game master sent us another one, to get to the gap and take a team selfie. This turned out to be rather easy as it was about a five minute walk from milsons point and our photographer on point with the camera angles. After taking some more selfies we received yet another challenge and were one our way to a kids giving back kitchen, where we made roasted vegetables and soup for the homeless, and made some pretty decent bread for ourselves. After this we received our final challenge for the day, the Masterchef challenge, in which we had to prepare a three course meal for our judges, and I think they will all attest that team 8 rocked their pallets. Overall it was a good day and we all had fun, and are gearing up for a nights stay at Sydney central yha.

Day 4

Our fourth and final day on urban challenge started off with yet another continental breakfast. Our first riddle led us to dance central, a dance club. Once we were in we got an instructor and 45 mins and were set the challenge to come up with a dance to battle team 7 With. After a hard fought dance of we came to the same conclusion that the judges did, none of us could dance. After conceding our defeat we moved on to our next riddle, which led us to the top of the overseas passenger terminal where, along with a giant cruise ship, we found a qr code giving us our next riddle.

Now, the location of our next goal was one of contention within our group, we went to Sydney opera house, and government house, but ended up finding our next riddle on some old stairs near the circular quay wharf. From there we made our way to a park near government house where we found our next riddle in a sandstone artwork, which led us to the Mitchell library. Once we were at the library we located our locker and finished our challenge.