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Scuba Diving

INFO: Day Program. 4 days. Monday – Thursday. Grades 8 – 12. Male and Female. Extra Cost: $250


The Scuba Course includes approximately 13 hours of (supported) online theory work which must be completed prior to SOW.

The program has certain STRICT medical requirements.

Becoming a scuba diver is a wonderful adventure!

We are very excited to offer students the Scuba Diving – Oceans Alive program which challenges students to explore a known environment from a new perspective. Students will gain their Scuba Diving PADI Junior Open Water Certificate or Advanced Open Water Certificate, as well as their Project Aware certificate on full completion of the course.

This is a day program that has a mix of learning sessions and practical sessions. The practical sessions will be held at Terrey Hills Swim School, Dive Centre Manly and at various beaches along the Northern Beaches.

This program will be run by certified dive instructors through a registered dive school. NBCS staff will supervise the program.

Please note that this program is a customised program for NBCS, and while the school contributes the majority of funds towards it, due to the expensive nature of this particular program a $250 surcharge is necessary.

There are certain medical requirements, many only require sign off from your doctor (GP) for approval – see Medical Form attached at right, but our experience shows that it is important to check BEFORE registering for this program.


8:45am each day, Monday – Thursday at NBCS. Normal daily transport to school maybe used.


3:00pm each day, Monday – Thursday at NBCS. Normal daily transport from school may be used.