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Year 7 Camps

All Year 7 2019 students will be attending the Year 7 Camps at the Camp Somerset sites and students will have the choice of 3 different themed programs.

INFO: Overnight Program. 4 days/3 Nights. Monday – Thursday. Grade 7 Only. Male and Female. All Year 7 to attend one of the three camps described below that are based at the same venue – Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre – Colo River.

Challenge camp:

Challenge Camp will have students staying at the base camp for the majority of the time, still sleeping in tents but having access to the main dining and recreation halls near head office.

The activities will have a variety of challenge levels with a number of the activities common to all 3 camps. Students will participate in cooking challenges, creative projects, bush craft sessions, bush walks and camp craft (lighting fires, cooking over coals, maintaining a campsite etc). This camp is for students who would prefer to stay sleeping at the same venue each night.

Challenge camp: SUPER

Challenge Camp: Super is for the adventurous campers, those who like a challenge and working with a team to complete an array of problems and challenges that will stretch and extend them.

The camp will have a wide array of activities that include the wombat hole, low and high ropes challenges, bush walks, moving location each day and setting up and packing down your camp site, camp craft (lighting fires, cooking over coals, maintaining a campsite etc) as well as cooking challenges. Some activities will be the same as that in the other 2 camps, other activities will be different. This camp requires a sense of adventure and willingness to move your tents each day to new venues.

Challenge camp: EXTREME

Challenge Camp – Extreme is for the camper who enjoys pushing their limits. This camp is more about the challenge of getting somewhere and the activities that you can do once you are there. Camp Somerset in the Upper reaches of the Colo River have some spectacular venues to take camps and the Challenge Camp: Extreme will take advantage of the wide variety of venues. Campers will still experience the cooking challenges and camp craft (lighting fires, cooking over coals, maintaining a campsite etc) but they will enjoy amazing scenery and breathtaking walks as they traverse the Australian bush finding physical challenges along the way! This camp requires a higher level of physical fitness than the other 2 camps but is open to all students.

(Times are to be confirmed)

TBC: 7:00am for a 7:30am departure on Monday 20 May from NBCS.

Pick Up:
TBC: 4:30pm Thursday 23 May from NBCS.